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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIE1 - the occurrence of tumors...

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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIES: Bacteroides are Gram-negative, anaerobic bacilli or cocco- bacilli. Each species is morphologically distinct and most are encapsulated. The activity of the Bacteroides LPS endotoxin is reduced compared to other Gram-negative endotoxins because the lipid A moiety has fewer fatty acids and phosphate groups. Most B. fragilis strains deconjugate bile acids. B. thetaiotaomicron converts lithocholic acid to ethyl ester. This is significant because lithocholic acid may promote
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Unformatted text preview: the occurrence of tumors ; conversion inactivates this carcinogenic potential. PATHOGENESIS: • Bacteroides are indigenous normal flora that may be opportunistic under predisposing conditions such as immunosuppression, aminoglycoside therapy, tissue damage, malignancy, etc. • The production of collagenase seems important in the pathogenesis of B. melaninogenicus while the pathogenesis of B. fragilis is enhanced by production of an anti-phagocytic capsule....
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