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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIES: Alphaviruses: Members of this group contain a nucleoprotein capsid surrounded by a lipid bilayer envelope that is derived from the host cell membrane plus two 50 kD glycoproteins. Their RNA is 4 x 10 6 daltons and the capsid is composed of a single 30 kD capsid protein. Antibodies specific for the glycoproteins are neutralizing. The viruses enter host cells by pinocytosis and they replicate in the cytoplasm. Translation of the genomic RNA gives a large polyprotein that is cleaved to yield an RNA
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Unformatted text preview: polymerase and the structural proteins. Once assembled, the progeny virions bud from the host cell, picking up their envelope. • Flaviviruses: This group is very similar to the Alphavirus group with a few exceptions. First, the genomic RNA is not polyadenylated until it enters the host cell. Second, the single capsid protein is smaller (14 kD). Third, the completed virion forms in the cytoplasm in association with the endoplasmic reticulum instead of budding from the cell....
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