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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIES: Hepatitis A: As a member of the Enterovirus group, HAV contains a linear, positive strand RNA genome. It is also known as Enterovirus type 72 and is resistant to heat and acid. Hepatitis B: HBV contains a circular, partly double- stranded DNA genome 3200 nucleotides in length. Interestingly, a 600-2100 single-stranded region is contained in the DNA molecule. The particle contains a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase and a reverse
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Unformatted text preview: transcriptase and replicates via an RNA intermediate. HBV possesses several antigens; the "Australian antigen" is associated with the surface (HBsAg), the "core antigen" (HBcAg) is internal and the "e antigen" (HBeAg) is part of the same capsid polypeptide as the HBcAg. All of these antigens elicit specific antibodies. • Hepatitis C: HCV (or NANBH) contains a positive stranded RNA genome and is related to the Flaviviruses....
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