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EPIDEMIOLOG1 - DIAGNOSIS • Clinical Diagnosis of...

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EPIDEMIOLOGY: Enteroviruses: Found worldwide, the enteroviruses are spread via the fecal-oral route. Most illnesses occur in the summer and fall. The virus may be carried in the throat for a week and shed in the feces for several weeks. Rhinoviruses: These viruses are spread from person to person, usually by direct contact. Inapparent infections occur in about half. On average, most persons suffer with 2-4 colds per year during the fall and spring months and these represent different serotypes of the virus.
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Unformatted text preview: DIAGNOSIS: • Clinical: Diagnosis of enteroviral infections is usually not possible based on clinical presentation. However, some symptoms (pleurodynia, myocarditis) or conditions (aseptic meningitis) are suggestive. Diagnosis of rhinoviral infections, in contrast, is usually based on clinical presentation. • Laboratory: Recovery of Enterovirus from the throat or feces is diagnostic. Recovery of Rhinoviruses is simply not practical....
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