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EPIDEMIOLOG4 - most moist environments DIAGNOSIS •...

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EPIDEMIOLOGY: Pseudomonas can be found in the soil, in water, or on vegetation. On average, 3% of persons entering the hospital have Pseudomonas in their stool. After a hospital stay of as little as 72 hrs, 20% have Pseudomonas . The organisms are spread from patient to patient via staff, contaminated reservoirs, respiratory equipment , food, sinks, taps, mops;
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Unformatted text preview: most moist environments. DIAGNOSIS: • Clinical: Diagnosis is very difficult. • Laboratory: Pseudomonas can be easily isolated on blood agar. These organisms are non-fermentative (oxidative), oxidase-positive, Gram-negative bacilli. They often give off a fruity odor and some may produce fluorescent pigments. P. aeruginosa grows well at 42...
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