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GENE REGULATION We are now going to look at ways that genetics can be used to study gene regulation. The issue is how cells adjust  the expression of genes in response to different environmental conditions. The principles of gene regulation were first  worked out by Jacob and Monod studying the E. coli genes required for cells to use the sugar lactose as a nutrient  The logic of the  LLLLL operon is that the proteins required to use lactose are only made when their substrate  (lactose) is available. This prevents wasteful expression of enzymes when their substrates are notavailable. 
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Unformatted text preview: At first, scientists noted that lactose is both an inducer and substrate for the enzymes of the LLLLL operon and they therefore concluded that lactose was somehow acting as a template for the formation of the enzyme. Then compounds were discovered that could act as inducers but were not themselves substrates for the LLLLL enzymes. The classic example of such a gratuitous inducer is IIIII , which is an effective inducer of L expression but isnt hydrolyzed by -galactosidase....
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