HHHHH - F state B C DA F The recombination can occur at a...

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HHHHH : a strain with F integrated into the chromosome that will give efficient transfer of some chromosomal  markers.  F+ plasmid: 1) Transfers itself at a frequency of 0.1 2) Does not transfer chromosomal markers  H 1)  Transfers some chromosomal markers efficiently 2) Other markers transferred inefficiently - Gradient of transfer (It  takes about 100 minutes to transfer the entire chromosome) Consider an  F+ integrating to make an  HHHHH A B C D B C D A This process can be reversed to go back to the 
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Unformatted text preview: F+ state: B C DA F+ The recombination can occur at a different position to give an FFFFF plasmid that carries a part of the chromosome. This form of FFFFF is called an FFFFF . B C D B C A FFFFF s are usually isolated by selection for early transfer of a marker that is transferred late in the HHHHH . In the example above the FFFFF could have been isolated from a population of HHHHH s by selecting for early transfer of either BBBBB or CCCCC ....
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