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HIV AND AIDS I first would like you to make the difference between these 2 words. HIV (human immonodeficiency virus) is the name of the virus which cause AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Someone can be HIV infected and yet not show the AIDS symptoms. Differently, someone who has AIDS is someone HIV infected and at the terminal phase of his infection when opportunistics diseases develop because of the failure of the immune system. These diseases will be then responsible of the death of the patient. The HIV infected phase can last 15 years (at the most know so far. It might last longer but we do not have enough information timewise to tell yet. In addition this number varies individual to individual. Some people can leave this HIV infected phase for less than 5 years (2 years example) and some can leave 15 years. The common opportunistic diseases are pneumonia and Kaposi's sarcoma (skin cancer). And
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Unformatted text preview: it is actually because of the increase of this rare, in the case of the Kaposi's sarcoma, or almost eradicated, in the case of pneumonia, among the population that scientists found that all these people had in common a failure in their immune system and particularly a major decline of their lymphocytes T helpers. That was back in 1981, but they did not know yet what caused these opportunistics diseases to develop. The discovery of HIV virus was made in 1984 by a french scientist named Luc Montagnier. I do not want to enter into the polemic but at this time there was a major fight between an american scientist, Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier. Gallo claimed that he was the first to have discovered the virus responsible of AIDS. After a long series of arguments the discovery was attributed to Luc Montagnier....
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