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HOST DEFENS11 - controversial since certain antibodies are...

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HOST DEFENSES: Host defenses against the fungi include nonspecific and specific factors: o Nonspecific defenses include the skin (lipids, fatty acids, normal flora), internal factors (mucous membranes, ciliated cells, macrophages), blood components, temperature, genetic and hormonal factors. In other words, both physical and chemical factors and phagocytic defenses play major roles in prevention and control of mycotic disease. o Specific defenses include both humoral and cell- mediated. The role of humoral defenses is somewhat
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Unformatted text preview: controversial, since certain antibodies are not protective. It is possible that high titers of certain antibodies actually suppress the cell mediated defenses. Nevertheless, some antibodies may be protective (e.g. antitoxins or opsonins). Generally, however, the cell-mediated defenses are probably more important. Acquired resistance is usually T-cell mediated and persons with compromised cell-mediated defenses generally show more disseminated disease....
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