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HOST DEFENS16 - CO 2 is required CONTROL • Sanitary...

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HOST DEFENSES: Antibody directed against the polyribosyl-ribitol-phosphate (PRP) capsule is bactericidal. EPIDEMIOLOGY: Spread of Haemophilus is human to human. Day care centers are common sites for transmission from healthy, unaffected adults to susceptible infants. DIAGNOSIS: Clinical: A Gram stain of cerebrospinal fluid may reveal the organisms. One can also detect capsular material directly. Laboratory: The organisms are cultured on chocolate agar because it contains both factors X and V. Incubation in 10%
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Unformatted text preview: CO 2 is required. CONTROL: • Sanitary: Avoidance of carriers is not always possible. • Immunological: A vaccine against type b is available . Unfortunately, the vaccine is nonimmunogenic in infants where it is needed the most. • Chemotherapeutic: Third generation cephalosporins are probably the drugs of choice because of their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and their bactericidal activity...
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