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HOST DEFENSES: Gonorrhea: Infection stimulates local immunity (secretory Igs may enhance association with PMNs). Uncomplicated infection activates complement via the classical pathway while disseminated infections activate complement via the alternate pathway. Meningitis: Anti-capsular antibodies are bactericidal. EPIDEMIOLOGY: N. gonorrhoeae normally colonizes mucosal surfaces. Humans are the only host and transmission is via sexual contact. The probability of acquiring disease from a single exposure varies: in men, the probability is about 25%; in
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Unformatted text preview: women, the probability is about 40%; in women taking oral contraceptives, the probability is about 100%. • Gonorrhea occurs worldwide and generally affects persons aged 15-29. • N. meningitidis inhabits the human nasopharynx. There is a 3-30% normal carrier state lasting days to months that provides the reservoir for infection of susceptible persons. Attack rates are highest in children (usually less than one year old) and sporadic epidemics do occur....
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