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HOST DEFENS19 - handlers are those most likely to be...

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HOST DEFENSES: Because of the intracellular life-style of the Brucellae , humoral defenses play a minor role. Cell mediated defenses (T-lymphocytes, activated macrophages) are required. EPIDEMIOLOGY: Brucella infections have a worldwide distribution but have been mostly eradicated in the United States. B. abortus affects primarily cows; B. melitensis affects goats and sheep; B. suis affects pigs; B. canus affects dogs. Humans generally acquire disease through occupational exposure, Thus, veterinarians, meat workers and animal
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Unformatted text preview: handlers are those most likely to be afflicted. DIAGNOSIS: • Clinical: Symptoms of brucellosis are variable and diagnosis is, therefore, very difficult. Flu-like symptoms with limb and back pain, an intermittent fever with malaise may last up to 3 months for acute disease (a year or more for subacute or chronic disease). • Laboratory: Isolation of Brucella from the blood is possible. Cultures must be incubated 3-4 weeks with added CO 2 ....
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