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In analyzing infanticide from the perspective of

In analyzing infanticide from the perspective of - In...

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In analyzing infanticide from the perspective of gene thinking it is 1) not adaptive for a male lion to invest reproductive effort in an individual with whom he shares no genes and 2) once the infant is killed it is advantageous for the female to come into estrous and have more offspring with the new male (this will increase her reproductive output over leaving with the displaced male, and not benefiting from other advantages of group living: foraging, avoiding predation on young). Given the situation for both male and female, the observed behaviors make sense in terms of propagating ones genes . The role of the gene (or gene s !) as the unit that is relevant in the evolution play an important part in two influential books in the mid 1970s Sociobiology by E. O. Wilson, and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. To grossly oversimplify one of their main messages: "an organism is just DNAs way of making more DNA" If we take the case of bird migration we want to know how the bird navigates to the
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