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Laboratory: Examination of sputum or a lymph node biopsy will reveal Gram-negative, bipolar staining coccobacilli. However, for the safety of workers and the community, P-3 level containment is required for Y. pestis . Y. enterocolitica may be grown on a variety of standard bacteriologic medias. CONTROL: Sanitary: Control of rat populations concurrent with elimination of their fleas prevents spread of the plague to humans. Decontamination of water and milk prevents
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Unformatted text preview: gastroenteritis. Immunological: A short term vaccine against Y. pestis is available for persons at high risk. Chemotherapeutic: Treatment of the plague must be rapid and aggressive. Y. pestis is generally susceptible to streptomycin and but concomitant therapy is sometimes recommended. Treatment of Y. enterocolitica infections usually involves the use of ampicillin or ....
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