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Major Events: 1. Prokaryotic cell organization: membrane, DNA, protein synthesis, metabolic activities 2. Eukaryotic cell organization: nucleus, organelles (endosymbionts) 3. Multicellularity, specialization. Summary: Differences between the three domains From Campbell, p. 509: CHARACTERISTIC Bacteria (Prokaryote) Archaea (Prokaryote) Eukarya (Eukaryote) Nuclear envelop no no yes
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Unformatted text preview: Membrane-enclosed organelles no no yes Peptidoglycan in cell wall yes no no Membrane lipids unbranched hydrocarbons some branched hydrocarbons unbranchced hydrocarbons RNA polymerase one gene several genes several genes Start amino acid formyl-Met Met Met Introns no some species yes Sensitivity to antibiotics streptomycin and yes no no...
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