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MOLECULAR EVOLUTION For evolutionists the revolution in DNA technology has been a major advance. The reason is that the very nature of DNA allows it to be used as a "document" of evolutionary history: comparisons of the DNA sequences of various genes between different organisms can tell us a lot about the relationships of organisms that cannot be correctly inferred from morphology. One definite problem is that the DNA itself is a scattered and fragmentary "document" of history and we have to beware of the effects of changes in the genome that can bias our picture of organismal evolution. Two general approaches to molecular evolution are to 1) use DNA to study the evolution of organisms (such as population structure, geographic variation and systematics) and to 2) to use different organisms to study the evolution of DNA. To the hard-core molecular evolutionist of the latter type, organisms are just another source of DNA. Our general goal in all this is to infer process from pattern and this
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