Now we - to v distance which should be either 8 cM or 12 cM...

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Now we’ll do a second cross. Note that the key is to set up a parent that is heterozygous at two loci. O s + +++++ cncncncncn x O (cinnabar eyes) s + + c s c s + O x O +++++ cncncncncnshshshshsh cncncncncn s c 12 s c crossover classes + + 8 s c +++++ cncncncncn 493 s c s + 487 s c Distance between sssss and ccccc = 2 cM There are two possible orders. We could resolve them by measuring the ccccc
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Unformatted text preview: to v distance, which should be either 8 cM or 12 cM depending on the order. However, it’s difficult in practice to get a statistically significant measurement that would cleanly distinguish between these possibilities. A better way to find the order is to set up all three heterozygous markers at the same time and to look at the frequencies of the eight different gamete genotypes....
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