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Substance Detailed Mode of Transport Fat 2. Formation into micelles 3. Diffusion into intestinal cells 4. Conversion to triglycerides 5. Formation of Chylomicrons (lipid w/ prot. coat) 6. Diffusion out of cells into Interstitial fluid 7. Diffusion into Lymph (Lacteal Capillary) 8. Finally, passage into Blood Glucose 1. Driven by active transport of Na+ out of cells into
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Unformatted text preview: interstial fluid. Result, intracellular [Na+] is low. 2. Co-transport of Na+ and glucose into cell from intestinal lumen (against glucose gradient but DOWN Na+ gradient). 3. Facilitated diffusion of glucose out of cell into interstitial fluid. (Poison active tranport of Na+, block glucose uptake.)...
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