Summarized from Campbell

Summarized from Campbell - ..Oomycota (Water Molds) Slime...

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Summarized from Campbell, Chapt 27: Four of the Five Kingdoms: From the Five Kingdom Scheme (ARTIFICIAL!!!!! / AWKWARD!!!!!) PROTIST KINGDOM Protozoans: Animal- like - live by ingesting food - heterotrophs ..Rhizopoda (Amoebas) ..Actinopoda (Heliozoans, ....Radiozoans) ..Foraminifera (Forams) ..Apicomplexa (Sporozoans, ....... Plasmodium Malaria) ..Zoomastigophora (Zooflagellates) ..Ciliphora (Ciliates) detritus feeders (some symbionts) Protozoa were classified by how they feed and how they move. Artificial, cause assumes things can not reverse - assumes all traits are descendent. Divergent evolution (derived traits) vs. convergent evolution (independently derived traits). ANIMAL KINGDOM Fungus-like Protists ..Myxomycota (Plasmodial Slime Molds) ..Acrasiomycota (Cellular Slime Molds)
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Unformatted text preview: ..Oomycota (Water Molds) Slime molds, water molds body form and life style similar to fungi (convergence only) differ from fungi in cellular organization, reproduction, life cycle FUNGUS KINGDOM Note: I will not cover Fungi; I highly recommond taking a Mycology class. Plant-like Protists - Eukaryotic Algae ..Euglena, etc. (Euglenophyta) ..Dinoflagelates (Dinoflagellata) ..Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) ..Golden Algae (Chrysophyta) ..Brown Algae (Phaeophyta) ..Red Algae (Rhodophyta) ..Green Algae (Chlorophyta) Autotrophic - Photosynthetic Different photosynthetic pigments. Different reproductive stratagies Differ also in carbohydrate food reserve, number of flagella, cell wall components and habitat. See Table 26.2 PLANT KINGDOM...
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Summarized from Campbell - ..Oomycota (Water Molds) Slime...

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