The bigger they get the more eggs they can produce

The bigger they get the more eggs they can produce - one...

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The bigger they get the more eggs they can produce. This presents a dilemma: when should they reproduce?; now so they don't miss out?, later so they can produce more? but what if they get killed? if they are going to die anyway why not now? how many eggs?, etc., etc. These are the questions facing the existential poker player . One starts with a given number of chips (~ egg yolk), how does one play one's cards? how does one invest one's chips (~ resources during growth and development)? when does
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Unformatted text preview: one decide to "fold" (wait until next year to reproduce when the conditions might be better, new hand ~ random set of new environments)? what cards do the other players hold (~ unknown variables of the biotic environment ~ competitive abilities of the other "players"). All of these questions assume that the strategies have some high fitness solution. Lets consider growth rate as one measure of a given genotype's (~ individual) fitness....
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