This is known as a 3 O c s v xO

This is known as a 3 O c s v xO - -3 ). By finding the rare...

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This is known as a 3 O c s v xO c s v + + + c s v c s v 900 + + + 912 c + + 2 +++++ shshshshsh vgvgvgvgvg 1 c s + 75 + + v 70 c + v 18 +++++ shshshshsh +++++ 22 These are all of the possible combinations. One pair of these gamete classes must be the result of double crossovers. This class will be very rare (0.1 x 0.02 = 2 x 10
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Unformatted text preview: -3 ). By finding the rare class we have a qualitative test to determine gene order. The double crossover classes for the two possible orders are: c + v or + s + (If this were the order, these would be the rare classes) s + v or + c + (Since these are the rare classes we know this to be the order)...
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