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VII. THE TAKE HOME LESSON. .. The important issue for students is not what the names of the Kingdoms are, but rather to recognize: 1. that organisms are many and diverse. 2. that diversity is a consequence of evolution, of lineage by descent. 3. that lineages should be defined based on their monophyletic origins (common ancestry). 4. that understanding these lineages allows us to understand the
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Unformatted text preview: true relationships between diverse organisms. PLANT DIVERSITY |---- diatoms----|---- red algae distinguished by pigment / reproduction |---- brown algae 500-600 million years |---- green algae (chlorophyll) |---- Mosses (Bryophyta) |---- Ferns (Pterophyta) |---- Gymnosperms (e.g. Conifers - Coniferophyta) |---- Angiosperms (Flowering Plants - Anthophyta)...
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