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Allegories to Astronomy

Allegories to Astronomy - Scientific Instruments Dorset...

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Allegories to Astronomy Slide 10-104: RAPHAEL, Astronomy Edgerton, Samuel. The Heritage of Giotto's Geometry. p. 104 Artists also like to depict allegories to astonomy, which, we recall, is one of the Seven Liberal Arts, part of the quadrivium. Models of the Heavens Slide 10-112: Villa Farnesina Art Bulletin, September '95, p. 421
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Slide 10-114: Coronelli (1650- 1718) Globes, c. 1688. Museo Civico, Vicenza Here in the sublunary world we make pictures and models of the translunary world, like star maps, often painted on ceilings, celestial globes, and orreries or planiteria, little models of the solar system. Slide 10-117: Orrery Turner, Gerard. Antique
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Unformatted text preview: Scientific Instruments. Dorset: Blandford, 1980. Fig. 10 Armillary Sphere Slide 10-121: Armillary Sphere Turner, Gerard. Antique Scientific Instruments. Dorset: Blandford, 1980. p. 61 And of course, the armillary sphere, which we saw before in Plato's Timaeus , where he describes how the circular paths for the stars were formed by the creator. "He cut the whole fabric into two strips,which he placed crosswise at their middle points to form a shape like the letter X; he then bent the ends round in a circle and fastened them to each other . . . to make two circles, one inner and one outer."...
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