Although Rozanova died young

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Although Rozanova died young, she was able to experiment widely and reach non-objectivity following her own, individual path. In the meantime, she created many remarkable paintings. Among the best known are Still Life with Scrolls (1911), The Harbor [Port] (1912), Still Life: Vase (1912), The Pub (1913), Portrait of a Woman in a Green Dress (1913), The City (1913), Writing Desk (1914), Geography (1914- 15), Workbox (1915), The Metronome (1915),
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Unformatted text preview: Non-Objective Composition (1916), Suprematism (1916), Color Composition (1917), and Untitled (Green Stripe) (1917-1918). Equally remarkable is a series of painting of playing cards, later used as one-tone illustrations for Transrational Pook : the boldly-colored Simultaneous Representation of a King of Hearts and a King of Diamonds , The Queen of Spades , The King of Clubs , and The Jack of Hearts (all 1915)...
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