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Area Squaring of the Circle The claim here is: The area of that same circle, with radius equal to the pyramid height equals that of a rectangle whose length is twice the pyramid height ( ) and whose width is the width (2) of the pyramid. Area of rectangle = 2 ( ) ( 2 ) = 5.088 Area of circle of radius = r 2 ( ) 2 = 5.083 an agreement withing 0.1% The Pizza-Cutter Theory Suppose that the Egyptians didn't know anything about but laid out the pyramid using a measuring wheel, such as those used today to measure distances along the ground. Take a wheel of any diameter and lay out a square base one revolution on a side. Then make the pyramid height equal to two diameters By this simple means you get a pyramid having the exact shape of the Great Pyramid
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Unformatted text preview: containing perimeter-squaring of the circle and area squaring of the circle and, for no extra cost, the golden ratio! Project: Use a pizza cutter or a similar disk to construct a pyramid similar to the Great Pyramid. Project: Show, by calculation, that using a measuring wheel as described will give a pyramid of the same shape as the Great Pyramid. Project: Find the diameter of the measuring wheel required so that: 100 revolutions = the base of the Great Pyramid 200 diameters = the height of the Great Pyramid We'll see that this idea of squaring the circle will be a recurring theme throughout most of this course. But lets leave it for now and get back to triangles....
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