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Art Informel: (1950 - 1960) The term Art Informel was first used in 1952 by French writer, Michel Tapie, the author of the book Un Art  autre (Art of Another Kind.) He also organized an exhibition with the same title that included an array of  other famous artists including Jean Dubuffet, Willem de Kooning, and Alberto Burri among others. The  European movement’s attempt was to define a style of painting that defied the traditional concepts of 
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Unformatted text preview: composition and regulation. It emphasized spontaneity, irrationality, and freedom of form. Similar to the Abstract Expressionism in America, Art Informel is expressive, gestural and innovative. Artists: (biography & artworks) Hartung, Hans - 1904 - 1989 Mathieu, Georges - 1921 - Hartung, Hans - 1904 - 1989 Mathieu, Georges - 1921 -...
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