As I mentioned before

As I mentioned - the foreground is a mermaid the second girl has fish fins as wings on her back the fourth girl seems to have an octopus sitting on

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As I mentioned before, the colors are rather dark, except for the highlighted dresses of the brides. Repin uses dark green and black colors to remind us of the fact that this is an underwater scene, and he imitates the colors and the reflection of light from the underwater objects. As we know, the water becomes darker when one approaches the bottom. The colors Repin uses to paint the girls contrast with the overall color scheme: here he applies red, blue, gold and yellow, and clearly delineates patterns and designs of the dresses. The shapes are smooth and somewhat blurry because we are under water. Brushstroke also seems somewhat loose for the same reason. Repin applies the paint thinly to make it transparent and support the illusion of the water. Particularly, we can see the girls’ dresses as transparent, each with very interesting detail, signifying their belonging to the sea world. The girl in
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Unformatted text preview: the foreground is a mermaid, the second girl has fish fins as wings on her back, the fourth girl seems to have an octopus sitting on her hat, and the sixth girl has marine patterns on her dress with dolphins or seahorses – all symbolizing the fact that they are the daughters of the Sea Tsar. Among all of these girls, Chernava is dressed most simply; she is less visible, and she looks unimportant and plain. Repin not only chose this particular scene because of its fantastic qualities, but also because it carried his own attitude and main idea, which may not be so obvious at first: despite all the beautiful exotic places and wonders he has seen in Europe, at heart, there was still nothing for him more dear than his plain and simple Russia. This is also the idea that can be found in the epic about Sadko....
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