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Breakthrough to the Abstract: The Blue Rider 1911-1914. On the Spiritual in Art included Kandinskii's ideas about the purpose of art. He believed that the nightmare of materialism oppressed the soul of modern man. All the arts, not just painting, were in a state of spiritual renewal and were beginning to come closer to their objective by turning to the abstract, the elemental. But this spiritual renewal could only grow from a complete synthesis of all arts. Until this epoch-making moment arrived, every art form would have to devote itself to an examination of its individual elements. As an example of this, Kandinskii dealt with the psychological effects of color -- one of the fundamental chapters in his theory of art. He formulated a new harmonic theory of tones of color that maintain their tension by means of warm and cold or light and dark
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Unformatted text preview: contrasts. The new conception of color and form would ultimately result in pure painting: " . . . a mingling of color and form each with its separate existence, but each blended into a common life which is called a picture by the force of the inner need [necessity -- A.B.]." In a series of small steps Kandinskii had discovered a new concept in painting. He had carefully removed the representational elements from his compositions and transferred the subject matter conveyed by these elements to the "distinctive contours" of color and form. In 1910 he had already described the new subject matter of his paintings in the catalogue for the second Society exhibition: "The expression of mystery by means of mystery. Is that not the content? Is that not the conscious or unconscious purpose of the compulsive urge to create?"...
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