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"Captain Gray's First Visit to the Oregon Coast" (1943) The way that the post office mural came about was interesting. I submitted a design in a 48 state competition that was conducted by the Treasury Department, and I won a commission for a post office, and I let my family know, naturally. And my family told some different, you know. ..just talking around about it, and these people suddenly got the idea, well, let's write Washington and see if they would let her do our post office. So that's the way that came out. I wasn't there (in Tillamook at the time) at all. So they wrote to Washington and to the Treasury Department, and they said, "Yes, there's a new post office
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Unformatted text preview: there, and the 1% of the building costs applied to that, we will assign her that mural." And that's how, from that mural, the (later) courthouse mural came about, you see. They (the people of Tillamook) are very proud of them. This building, the post office, has been put on the Registry of (Historical) Buildings. Because of the fresco in it. (Although) it's not a fresco. It's an egg tempera, that one. And this building is good for a long time yet, the courthouse. So when they had to build a new post office, they'd outgrown that one, they sold the building. Turned it over to the City Hall so it's still a public building....
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