Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame

Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame - rose window, also called...

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Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame Slide 9-40: Chartres Cathedral (1145-1220) Campbell, Joseph, with Bill Moyers. The Power of Myth. NY: Doubleday 1988. A year after St. Denis was finished work was started on rebuilding Chartres, and it was here that the Medieval craze for numbers and geometry seemed to reach its peak. According to Cowan, "The scholars at Chartres were clearly fascinated by number and . . . geometry . . . as a key to understanding nature. Their preoccupation with numbers led to a trend of almost reducing theology to geometry." According to Eco, "The School of Chartres remained faithful to the Platonic heritage of the Timaeus, and developed a kind of 'Timaeic' cosmology. For the School of Chartres, the work of God was order, opposite of the primeval chaos." The Rose Window
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Slide 9-44: Rose Window Exterior But the ultimate expression of the Medieval love of geometry and of the circle is the
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Unformatted text preview: rose window, also called the Catherine window and the Wheel window. They look grand enough from outside the cathedral, but magnificent from inside, with sunlight streaming through. Slide 9-46: Chartres North Window, Cowan Fig. 6 According to Painton Cowan, Rose windows use geometry in three different ways; manifest, hidden, and symbolic. Manifest: "That which makes the most immediate impact on the eye. . . the web of complexity and precision. . . each space defined by a yet smaller geometric figure - trefoil, quatrefoil, rosette, spherical triangle. . . within these can often be seen an even finer pattern woven into the glasswork . . . right down into every fibre and corner of the cosmic rose." Hidden: "The secret geometry of the relationships and proportions of the parts." Symbolic: "A kind of shorthand, where geometric figures represent different things."...
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Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame - rose window, also called...

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