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Constructivism Collage cubism Slide 19-5: Picasso: Still life with chair caning. 1911-12 (Janswon 771) Braque was one of the pioneers of Cubism, but Picasso is credited as being the real creator of abstraction. Up to now, all sculpture carved or modelled from a monolithic lump of material. But another branch of Cubism changed all that. As perspective was dropped images moved forward to the picture plane. Some images went even further and invaded the viewer's space, when Picasso and Braque invented the next stage of cubism, called collage
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Unformatted text preview: cubism. Collage = paste-up. Stuff glued on, paint added later. This too, was something new in the history of art. Thick pictures are nothing new, recall Donatello's Feast of Herod . But collage is different from relief carving. It comes out from the picture plane instead of being carved in. It is built up. Constructions OT 8: Picasso: Guitar , 1912 and Violin, 1913-14 Collage was followed by Picasso's and Braque's openwork sculpture. Led to many sculptures that were built up, piece by piece, called constructivism....
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