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Dadaism - Dadaism(1916 1924 Dada began as an anti-art...

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Unformatted text preview: Dadaism: (1916 - 1924) Dada began as an anti-art movement, in the sense that it rejected the way art was appreciated and defined in contemporary art scenes. Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, the movement was a response to World War I. It had no unifying aesthetic characteristics but what brought together the Dadaists was that they shared a nihilistic attitude towards the traditional expectations of artists and writers. The word Dada literally means both "hobby horse" and "father", but was chosen at random more for the naive sound. What After finding its origins in Zurich, the Dada movement spread the Berlin, Cologne, Hanover, Paris, some parts of Russia, and New York city. In Zurich, the movement was centered in Hugo Ball’s Cabaret Voltaire, where many of the founding Dadaist gathered to express their ideas. In the United States, Dada found its central location at Alfred Dadaist gathered to express their ideas....
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