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Slide 19-12: Mondrian: Composition, 1933 Piet Mondrian's early works show influence of Cubism, but gradually his paintings become more abstract. Annoyed at cubists for reversing course away from geometric abstraction, he took abstraction to its ultimate conclusion by creating total geometric abstractions. His paintings features: simple geometrical forms no natural forms flat picture plane. No perspective
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Unformatted text preview: pure primary colors rectangular grid rigorous composition De Stijl (the style) started 1917, at end of WWI, when the need for a new order was sharply felt. Like Suprematism, it too had sense of social destiny, and was very utopian. Its goals were, as for Suprematists, to create art that is a counterpart to the harmonious relations in the ideal society. De Stijl is considered the purest and most ideal of the movements....
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