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Soc Midterm Study Guide - Exam 1 Study Guide Give an...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 Study Guide Give an example of a personal trouble and an example of a social issue. o Personal trouble: Someone being fired from their job because they could not wake up in the morning. o Social issue: Someone being fired from their job because the company discriminates. Give examples of why sociological mindfulness might be difficult to achieve. o American individualism o May cause guilt or depression Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative methods. o Quantitative- data is numerical and can be ordered in terms of magnitude or measures that may be assigned real, or meaningful, numbers Ex: GPA or Income Ways of testing- surveys, census, experiment o Qualitative- relies more on description, dialogue, and meanings. Life as people experience it Gathered by intensive interviews and fieldwork Distinguish between methods of data collection. o Surveys, experiment, interviews, secondary data analysis. Write a hypothesis. o Women tend to favor flowers more than men. Give examples of socialization. o Definition- Acquire culture (norms, values, beliefs); through observation and imitation and through direct instruction. Also the way in which we develop, through interactions with others, the ability to relate to other people and to play a part in society. o Cahill (fashioning gender identity) o Expecting the teacher to be at the front of the class o Instances of people acquiring culture Give examples of Mead’s social self. o Definition- Ability to recognize how your actions will make others look at you and your ability to alter your decision because of it o Going to church with nice dress clothes....
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Soc Midterm Study Guide - Exam 1 Study Guide Give an...

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