Earthly Fours - Abrams 1995 p 557 The Rape of Europa is a...

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Earthly Fours The number four is associated with the earth in many ways. Four Ages of the World Ovid writes of the Four Ages of the World: Gold, the first, free of fear and conflict Silver, the second, where man had to seek shelter Bronze, the third, aggressive but not yet entirely evil Iron , the fourth, with treachery, violence, greed deceit, and war. Four Continents Africa Nile crocodile, lion, snake, elephant Americas Plate hunter with feathered headpiece Asia Ganges camel, rhino, elephant Europe Nile bull or horse Slide 4-26: TITIAN: Rape of Europa c.1560. Hartt, Frederic. Italian Renaissance Art. NY: Abrams, 1994. p. 609
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Slide 4-27: GIORDANO: Rape of Europa, 1686 Janson, H. W. History of Art. Fifth Edition. NY:
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Unformatted text preview: Abrams, 1995. p. 557 The Rape of Europa is a very popular art motif. Zeus fell in love with the maiden Europa, disguised himself as a bull, fitting for this horniest of Gods, and abducted her to Crete. She eventually gave birth to the continent of Europe. Four Cardinal Virtues Slide 4-29: ANDREA DELLA ROBBIA: Allegory of Prudence Fisher, Sally. The Square Halo. NY: Abrams, 1995. c. 1475. p. 165 Plato, in his Republic mentions four virtues, Prudence (or Wisdom), Fortitude (or Courage), Temperance, and Justice. These are called the four cardinal virtues to distinguish them from the three Ecclesiastical virtues we'll see later in the New Testament....
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Earthly Fours - Abrams 1995 p 557 The Rape of Europa is a...

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