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English Landscape School: (1600 - 1800) The English Landscape School was founded in the 17th century when notable artists such as Claude  Lorrain and Nicholas Poussin began painting idealized landscapes. For the first time, the landscapes  themselves became the major focus of the painting, putting emphasis on setting rather than narrative. Cotman, John Sell - 1782 - 1842 Cozens, John Robert - 1752 - 1797 Cotman, John Sell - 1782 - 1842 Cozens, John Robert - 1752 - 1797 Euston Road School: (1937 - 1939) The Euston Road School was a group of English painters founded in 1937 at 316 Euston Road, London,  all of the members either teaching or attending the School of Drawing and Painting located at that 
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Unformatted text preview: address. The original members included William Coldstream, Victor Pasmore, Claude Rogers, and Graham Bell. Reacting against the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, the school’s teaching methods encouraged students to closely observe their subjects, resulting in an emphasis on naturalism and realism. The school was short-lived, dying out at the onset of World War II, but influenced many later British painters. Artists: (biography & artworks) Coldstream, Sir William - 1908 - 1987 Coldstream, Sir William - 1908 - 1987...
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