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Equilateral Triangle - School of Athens. Trianglular...

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Equilateral Triangle Slide 5-2: Tablet in School of Athens, showing Tetractys Bouleau There are, of course, an infinite number of regular polygons, but we'll just discuss those with sides from three to eight. In this unit we'll cover just those with 3, 5, and 6 sides. We'll start with the simplest of all regular polygons, the equilateral triangle. Sacred Tetractys The Pythagoreans were particularly interested in this polygon because each triangular number forms an equilateral triangle. One special triangular number is the triangular number for what they called the decad, or ten, the sacred tetractys. Ten is important because it is, of course, the number of fingers. The tetractys became a symbol of the Pythagorean brotherhood. We've seen it before in the
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Unformatted text preview: School of Athens. Trianglular Architectural Features Slide 8-11: Church window in Quebec In architecture, triangular windows are common in churches, perhaps representing the trinity. Triskelion, Trefoil, Triquerta Other three-branched or three-comered designs include the triskelion . Slide 5-3: Greek Triskelion: Victory and Progress Lehner, Ernst. Symbols, Signs & Signets. NY: Dover, 1950 p. 85 Slide 5-4: Irish Triskelions from Book of Durrow. Met. Museum of Art. Treasures of Early Irish Art. NY: Met. 1977 Its a design that I liked so much I used it for one of my own pieces. Slide 5-5: Calter carving Mandala II Calter photo Slide 5-6: Closeup of wheel Calter photo...
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Equilateral Triangle - School of Athens. Trianglular...

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