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Famous Trios - Anu Bel and Ea representing heaven earth and...

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Famous Trios Three represents the triad of family; male, female, and child; beginning, middle, and end; birth, life, and death. Of two things we say both; of three things we say all. Hopper writes that a single occurance is of no statistical significance, a second occupance might be just coincidence, but a third occurrence gives the event the impress of law, thus the Gypsy belief that if a dream comes three times it is certain to be true. Egyptian Sun Gods Slide 4-7: Egyptian Deities New International Encyclopedia. NY: Dodd, 1917. Volume 7, p. 529 Three became the most universal number of deity, like the Holy Trinity that we'll cover in a later unit. There were three primary gods of Babylon
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Unformatted text preview: Anu, Bel, and Ea representing heaven, earth, and the abyss. Sun worship is one of the most primitive forms of religion, and early man sometimes distinguished between rising, midday, and setting sun. The Egyptians, for example, divided the sun god into three deities: Horus, rising sun Ra or Rê, midday sun Osiris, old setting sun Triple Goddess Slide 4-8: White Goddess Graves Cover Just as three positions of the sun are represented by three deities, so with the moon. Robert Graves writes about the White Goddess , . . . the triple goddess of the New, Full, and Old Moon, . . . goddess of Birth, Love, and Death . . . . . . beautiful, generous, fickle, wise, implacable....
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