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Figure1 - More recently dimensioned drawings of façades...

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Figure: A compound bussola , from Bartoli. Kemp p. 170, Raphael described a circular instrument used for his survey of ancient Rome, at the center of which is a compass, and a peripheral scale with arms that carry sight-vanes. A similar device called a bussola is described in Bartoli's book. The theodolite used for our present method is nothing but a more precise version of the bussola.
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Unformatted text preview: More recently, dimensioned drawings of façades have also been made by stereophotogrammatry, such as those for Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The Pantheon in Rome was surveyed by a method that used two electronic theodolites to simultaneously sight a point on the structure, their output being fed to a computer to give an instantaneous readout of coordinates....
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