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Forming the Celestial Circles

Forming the Celestial Circles - Dorset Blandford 1980 p 61...

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Forming the Celestial Circles After marking the strip into these intervals, the creator then cut it lengthwise into two strips that are placed at an angle to each other and formed into circles. These correspond to the celestial equator and the ecliptic, the start of an armillary sphere. Slide 10-121: Armillary Sphere Turner, Gerard. Antique Scientific Instruments.
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Unformatted text preview: Dorset: Blandford, 1980. p. 61 Recall our quotation from Plato's Republic , where, in the Myth of Er he wrote, " . . . Upon each of its circles stood a siren who was carried round with its movements, uttering the concords of a single scale." [Republic p. 354] This is the origin of the expression, Music of the Spheres....
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