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House of the Tuscan Colonnade

House of the Tuscan Colonnade - 2 1 or(1 2/2 and rounding...

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House of the Tuscan Colonnade Lets look at a single house in Herculaneum, The House of the Tuscan Colonnade . It was a typical house for the average patrician. The ground plan drawn by Donald and Carol Watts shows the dimensions of the layout, in Oscan feet. (The Oscans were an early Italic people who lived in Campagna, the region around Naples. They built the original walls and towers of Pompeii and might have founded Herculaneum.) The dimensions found in the ground plan are: 5 12 17 29 41 Starting with 41 and calculate the sacred cut series by dividing by (
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Unformatted text preview: 2 - 1) or (1 - 2/2) and rounding to integers, the Watts' get the same numbers found in the house of the Tuscan Colonnade. The Garden Houses of Ostia Slide 7-24: Aerial View of Ostia Watts, Donald and Carol. A Roman Apartment Complex. Scien. Amer. Dec. 1986, p. 132-138. Another site studied by the Watts' is at Ostia, near Rome. There they found the ground plan to totally conform to the sacred cut construction. We refer you to their Scientific American article, in the bibliography, for more detail....
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