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Il'ia Efimovich Repin: Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan: November 16, 1581 (1885) Oil on canvas, 199.5 x 254 cm. Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. This famous work of Repin, Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan: November 16, 1581 , was painted in 1885. Repin started thinking about the painting as early as in 1881, the year of the bloody assassination of Alexander II, when, after a concert of Rimskii-Korsakov's Sweetness of Revenge , he began to recall various other bloody episodes from Russian history. Ivan the Terrible's murder of his own son seemed to be the most fitting pretext to express the artist's rejection of all violence
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Unformatted text preview: and bloodshed. The work on the painting commenced after Repin finished They Did Not Expect Him . As a model for the tsar Repin used his friend, the artist G.G. Miasoedov, and for his son, the writer Vsevolod Garshin. The completed painting, shown at the Thirteenth Exhibition of the Society of the Traveling Exhibitions, was praised by the progressives and criticized by the conservatives. Ivan Kramskoi, Repin's teacher, described the painting in an emotional statement:...
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