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Instead - Free Artists to join the new organization...

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Instead, the protesters formed an independent organization called the Association of Free Artists ( Artel' svobodnykh khudozhnikov ). Their protest was not just an act of anarchic insubordination; it stemmed from the artists' belief that the time had come for each of them to paint according to his own artistic preferences and tastes rather than someone else's directives. The Association established its own statutes and began accepting orders. Profitable commissions and financial success brought new artists to the Association. Soon, however, the members of the Association lost their initial unity and common purpose; in 1870, after an argument with one of the artists, Kramskoi left the Association. The same year, at the initiative of G.G. Miasoedov, who came up with the idea as early as in 1868, the Society of Traveling Exhibitions of the Works of Russian Artists ( Tovarishchestvo peredvizhnykh vystavok proizvedenii russkikh khudozhnikov ) was founded. The Society invited the members of the defunct Association of
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Unformatted text preview: Free Artists to join the new organization. Initially, the Association members' response was hesitant and lukewarm. But in the next 28 years, the Society attracted all the major Russian painters, including the following (listed in the order of joining): Miasoedov, Perov, Kamenev, Savrasov, Amosov, Ammon, Ge (Gay, Ghe), Kramskoi, M.P. Klodt, M.K. Klodt, Prianishnikov, Shishkin, Bogoliubov, Gun (Huns), V.E. Makovskii, Maksimov, Briullov, Savitskii, Kuindzhi, Bronnikov, V.M. Vasnetsov , Litovchenko, Lemokh, N.E. Makovskii, Repin , Polenov, Volkov, K.E. Makovskii, Leman, Surikov, Nevrev, Kharlamov, Kuznetsov, Bodarevskii, Dubovskoi, A.M. Vasnetsov, Svetoslavskii, Shil'der, Arkhipov, Levitan , Ostroukhov, Zagorskii, Lebedev, Stepanov, Pozen, Kasatkin, Miloradovich, Shanks, Serov , Bogdanov-Bel'skii, I.P. Bogdanov, A. Korin, Endogurov, Nesterov , Baksheev, Orlov, and Kostandi....
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