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Judgement of Paris - packed them all off to Mount Ida for...

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Judgement of Paris Slide 4-19: RUBENS: Judgement of Paris American Library Color Slide Company Slide # 863 A trio of women is also the subject of another favorite art motif, the Judgement of Paris . Paris was the son of the king and queen of Troy. They heard a prophecy that Paris would be the ruin of Troy so put him on Mount Ida where he was brought up by shepherds. Years later the three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, were at a wedding where someone tossed a golden apple into the crowd, inscribed "To the Fairest." All three wanted it and asked Zeus to decide, but he was too smart to get involved. He
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Unformatted text preview: packed them all off to Mount Ida for Paris to make the decision. Hera and Athena offered him riches, fame, empire, and military glory, but when Aphrodite bribed him with the offer of Helen, whom, he voted for Aphrodite, even though Helen was already married and Paris himself was in love with a nymph. What's more, Paris had to go and abduct Helen, which started the Trojan War. This motif was also used as an allegory representing a choice between the active life and the sensuous one....
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