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Kinds of Cubism Cubism is sometimes broken down into three kinds by art historians: Facet, Collage, and Analytical This first stage, Cezanne cubism, is also called facet cubism, because of the different planes or facets. The stage called analytical cubism is typified by two or more views of a subject being given at once. Analytical cubism OT 3: Metzinger: Tea Time, 1911 "Mona Lisa with a Teaspoon."
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Unformatted text preview: These new ways of looking at the world may have influenced artists to introduce time into their works, as in Tea Time. Note that the face is both profile and front view, and the cup is both side and top view. It shows simultaneity , as if one were walking around the scene. This is also an attack on perspective , which gives the scene from a single viewpo...
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