Malevich - certain peoples remains the dominant tendency ....

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Malevich Slide 19-11: Kasimir Malevich, White on White 1918 (Jan 774) Malevich's early paintings, like Samovar, were cubist in style. Then he started searching for a means of expression compatible to modern values, to create an art for the new industrial Communist state. He and others felt that the older art had lost relevance in a society changed by industrial technology, social upheaval, and Einstein's physics. Built on cubism and Futurism, it led to a movement called Suprematism . Suprematist paintings featured austere compositions, flat color, unstructured space, and geometric forms. Pure art to symbolize order and harmony of the new age. Its philosophical justification came in 1908 from a German philosopher Wilhelm Worringer: ". . . the urge to abstraction stands at the beginning of every art and in the case of
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Unformatted text preview: certain peoples remains the dominant tendency . . . this urge is best served through pure geometric abstraction . . . free of all external connections with the world." You can't be more disconnected than in this painting! Malevich had painted Black Square on White Ground , 1913, which he felt was the supreme suprematist composition, then White on White in 1918. White on White was the ultimate painting. The problem is, once you've painted the perfect painting, what do you do for an encore? Malevich quit painting and turned to architecture. Before long this geometric art was rejected by the very audience for which intended. Russia turned to Sot Realism, where muscular men in overalls and buxom women with babushkas are shown confidently building the new communist state....
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Malevich - certain peoples remains the dominant tendency ....

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