problem29_31 - 29.31 a)  W = ∠F β‹… dl = qE 2Ο€R =(6.50...

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Unformatted text preview: 29.31: a)  W = ∫ F β‹… dl = qE 2Ο€R = (6.50 Γ— 10 βˆ’6 C)(8.00 Γ— 10βˆ’6 V m)2Ο€ (0.0350 m) = 1.14 Γ— 10βˆ’11 J. (b) For a conservative field, the work done for a closed path would be zero. dΞ¦ B di β‡’ EL = BA . A is the area of the solenoid. (c)  ∫ E β‹… dl = βˆ’ dt dt For a circular path: di E 2Ο€r = BA = constant for all circular paths that enclose the solenoid. dt So W = qE 2Ο€r = constant for all paths outside the solenoid. W = 1.14 Γ— 10 βˆ’11 J if r = 7.00 cm. ...
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