Numero Uno - outwards, and has the wisdom of both past and...

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Numero Uno HILDEGARD: Man in Sapphire Blue Fox, p. 22 According to Hopper, the first advance towards counting is with the use of words for one and for many, the differentiation from the self from the group. We still say numero uno to speak of ourselves. One - the first - the greatest - the beginning - is usually identified with the Creator. In the beginning God created . . . , so in the beginning there was only one. Two & Duality
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Slide 4-3: Janus Cayley. Classical Myths in English Literature. Boston: Ginn 1893 p. 89 The number two appears to always have carried with it the idea of duality, of opposites and mutual antithesis, as we've seen with the Pythagoreans. Here is the Greek god Janus, for whom January is named. He sees both ways, both inwards and
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Unformatted text preview: outwards, and has the wisdom of both past and future. Slide 4-4: DRER: Adam and Eve Drer, Albrecht. The Complete Engravings, Etchings and Drypoints. Ed. By Walter Strauss. NY: Dover, 1972. Aristotle said, " most human things go in pairs ." We have many sets of dualities, like night and day, hot, cold, etc. and especially male, female. sun moon light darkness heat cold fire water day night active passive male female Yin and Yang The Chinese believed that heaven and earth produced everything by the interaction of opposites called Yang and Yin, the masculine Yang and the feminine Yin, just as offspring are the result of the interaction of a male and a female parent....
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Numero Uno - outwards, and has the wisdom of both past and...

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