Post - Postmodernism was a late 20th century movement that...

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Post-Modernism: (1975 - ) Postmodernism was a late 20th century movement that opposed the Modernist preoccupation with purity  of form and technique, and aimed to eradicate the divisions between art, popular culture, and the media.  Postmodern artists employed influences from an array of past movements, applying them to modern  forms. Postmodernists embraced diversity and rejected the distinction between "high" and "low" art.  Ignoring genre boundaries, the movement encourages the mix of ideas, medias, and forms to promote  parody, humor, and irony. Postmodernism: (1975 - )
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Unformatted text preview: Postmodernism was a late 20th century movement that opposed the Modernist preoccupation with purity of form and technique, and aimed to eradicate the divisions between art, popular culture, and the media. Postmodern artists employed influences from an array of past movements, applying them to modern forms. Postmodernists embraced diversity and rejected the distinction between "high" and "low" art. Ignoring genre boundaries, the movement encourages the mix of ideas, medias, and forms to promote parody, humor, and irony....
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