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Rayonism was officially launched at the

Rayonism was officially launched at the - through Spain and...

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Rayonism was officially launched at the Target exhibition of 1913. In 1914 he traveled with Goncharova to Paris. They held an exhibition at the Gallerie Paul Guillaume. When the war began, they returned to Russia and Larionov was drafted into the army. He was injured in the battle of the Masurian Lakes and spent three months in a hospital. The injury affected his ability to concentrate and resulted in the decline of his artistic energy. In 1915 he traveled with Goncharova to Switzerland, at the request of Diaghilev. There he designed for the ballet and gained success. While traveling
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Unformatted text preview: through Spain and Italy he designed three more ballets, all equally successful. In 1919 he settled permanently in Paris, where he acted as Goncharova's manager. Throughout the decade he worked with Diaghilev as a designer and artistic adviser. Following Diaghilev's death in 1929, he resumed painting and also worked occasionally for the ballet. He and Goncharova were granted French citizenship in 1938. In 1950 he suffered a stroke that seriously handicapped his activity and he spent the last 14 years of his life in poverty....
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